Alternative Gifts
Are you looking for a unique gift to give your family and friends? Look no further!

We have created 10 unique giving options that will definitely make our guests smile, and could end up having a profound impact on their lives. Most of these things are simple luxuries that we take for granted everyday, but are things that our guests rarely have access to. 

How does it work?

Click the "Donate Now!" button beside the gift you are interested in.

You will be taken to our Square store page to complete the donation.

Once we receive your order, we will send you:

  1. A receipt; and

  2. A card that signifies your gracious donation (see example to the right)

Dress a Guest


Provide a guest with some of the essentials: a pair of socks, underwear and a travel size deodorant.

One Night of Shelter for a Guest


This is roughly how much it costs to host one guest for one night.

Ice Cream Party


Treat the guests to ice cream with all the fixings!

One Week of Coffee for the Shelter


How many of us cannot function without our coffee in the morning? Our guests guzzle multiple cups of joe each night and morning before they leave the shelter to help them warm up.

New Bedding for One Guest


After being slept on everyday for multiple shelter seasons, our cots and bedding wear out and need to be replaced!

Monthly Birthday Celebrations for the Shelter Season


Birthdays often take us back to our childhood and help us celebrate milestones in our lives. Help us acknowledge our guests each month with all the birthday essentials!

One Meal


This is roughly how much it costs to feed a full shelter (40 people) one hot meal.

Fresh Laundry


Having fresh clothes to wear is something that we take advantage of everyday. This will help give guests more opportunities to wash their clothing.

Pizza Party


For most of us, pizza is a back up plan when no one wants to make dinner. For our guests, it's a treat they rarely get.

Training & Development for Our Staff


There are many learning opportunities available to our staff that would help us better serve and support our guests. However, we always put our guests' needs first. This would give our staff the opportunity to take advantage of the resources that are available to help organizations like ours, without using the funds that support the cost of running the shelter.

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