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Meet Brook


Brook Johnson lives in Elkton and has been married to his High School sweetheart Angie for 20 years. Brook and his wife do not have any children, but have helped raise their niece that is like a daughter to them. Also like their kids are their 5 cats and 1 dog. Brook is a full time Firefighter and is a 22 year vet of fire and rescue with Rockingham County. He and his wife helped to plant ImpACT Ministries in 2012 in Elkton. It started with lots of prayer and taking a step of faith along with others. They spent the first two Sundays in their garage, 4 years in Elkton Middle School before moving into Shen Elk Plaza where it is today. As a founding member, Brook is one of the original board members still serving today. ImpACT has been assisting Open Doors with meals and donating items. He has served with Christian Skaters and Christian Surfers. While serving in Action Sports Ministries, he traveled to India where he served and rebuilt a skate park with a mission to educate about human trafficking. Next he found himself in El Salvador, serving on the coast where he worked with surfers, kids at an orphanage, and feeding communities. A year after the first trip to El Salvador, Brook lead a team back to El Salvador where he worked with communities, kids projects and much more. COVID has kept him from planting feet on the ground of El Salvador, but it hasn’t kept ImpACT from continuing to serve there by still being able to help fund the work which helps with employees and clean drinking water. Brook believes his greatest asset is having compassion for people; he does it every shift on the job at Fire/Rescue and at ImpACT Ministries. One of the main things he heads up at ImpACT Ministries is pouring into those that are incarcerated. The other involvement he does is Motorcycle Ministry. The King’s Highway Ride is the main event that Brook has helped host for several years now and the past 3 of them raised funds for Our Community Place. 

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