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Meet Shilpa

Born and raised in Nepal, Shilpa immigrated to New Haven, Connecticut as a young teen. Currently residing in Harrisonburg, she is keen to learn, interact and collaborate with the local community through Open Doors.

Shilpa received her bachelor’s degree in Psychological Sciences with a minor in Human Development & Family Studies from the University of Connecticut. In her four years, she engaged in and served various communities, locally and internationally, in several fields - food injustice & insecurity, urban poverty, healthcare, and early education. She continued her passion for early childhood education by pursuing a career as a teacher and caregiver. During her downtime, Shilpa enjoys long nature walks, spending time with her loved ones, attending to her plants, and learning about new cultures and foods. Shilpa's focus will be to process HMIS data obtained through intake, and to provide guests resource navigation, in support of Open Doors' mission. 

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